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I had read very good reviews of Delirium PDF was recommended to me and many just do not know what happened, I just did not love.
I will not say I did not like because it’s not true, I enjoyed it but I was somewhat disappointed. Guess who was with too high expectations.

The story is about a world where Love is considered a disease they call Deliria.They say love is the cause of all the problems of society, which creates chaos and disorder. So to avoid getting the ‘disease’, at 18 an operation is performed [where they brainwash] and live the rest of their ‘happy’ days without conflicts [controlled by the authorities to decide with whom to match you, what work, what to read, what music to listen, etc]. Lena lives there, the protagonist, a girl like anyone who always does what is ‘right for society’ and looks forward to day operation .. Until he meets Alex [and fall in love, obviously] which makes it begins to question everything you’ve been told since childhood.
I’d love to say it’s very original, but sometimes I remember quite Betrayal Scott Westerfeld, where they believed the ugliness was causing chaos and wars so the 16 years undergoing an operation to become ‘Perfect’ and the protagonist, Tally, eagerly awaiting its operation until he falls for a guy that makes you think about things differently. Just Sayin ‘

The narrative is fluid and descriptive but initially made ​​me slow. Despite being a dystopia, romance is the main thing in delirium pdf book [is obvious if you know what it is: p] but as soon as the romance begins to show in history so does the action, although I would have wish we could focus more on other things rather than romance.
With regard to the characters are well portrayed. Each character has a way of being that distinguishes them from others. Even the side are well described, something good since many authors tend to leave out these characters and not end up closing.

The final was the best ever because it is one of those endings in which NEED to know what happens next. Very Good.

I bought delirium PDF by its curious argument, although initially it resembled me another series that I have read the series Traicción Scott Westerfeld. Both stories take place in the future, and it is no operation, a drastic change in human life. But despite this similarity the story is very different, where the story of Scott W. There adventure and intrigue, with a pinch of love and friendship, this story focuses on love and capitalized. Love is an essential character that accompanies the protagonist, who is just she who tells the story, throughout its history and her friend Hana and mystery Alex, who shows him that love is not a disease, if no greater feeling better and that a person can experience.

This society is very bad show love or affection since the operation takes away any feeling, whether good or bad. Seeing a double clutching hand, a mother embracing and kissing her son is unusual, and if it happens, then in charge of correcting the “error”. Lena is a complete character, full of doubts and also with very clear ideas. In his childhood he tasted the power of love from his mother, who unfortunately committed suicide when they took to make the operation again. Her older sister Rachel, also was infected with Deliria (the disease called love) when I was seventeen, but Lena (Magdalena) is very clear, she will not suffer and will end up dying like her mother, when she turns eighteen paired with the a boy, with whom he will marry and have children to tell them, consider what you are told and work where you say. It is not a very appetizing life, but is safe and no suffering. Here’s how you think this character so unique. But he realizes that love, that forbidden word is more than a disease, is a feeling and sees everything through the mediation of Alex, a boy who is supposed to be cured but actually is an invalid (person uncured ) which is infiltrated into the city to leave clear messages: the Wilderness exists and Love is not a disease.

So, gradually, Alex and Lena, dam doubt, desire and guilt, gets to know Alex and falling for him. Hana, her best friend, with whom he has shared everything and you never hugged or you could say “I love you”, he helps her and Alex to see, to spend as much time before the impending operation Lena .

delirium pdf download

To say that I loved delirium pdf is understatement. I was hooked from the first page, leaving the sadness that overwhelms me every time I finish a book that has enchanted me and has touched my heart. The worst thing you can say about free delirium pdf is that it is a trilogy and that the history of leaves with honey on the lips, waiting to come out the next part to continue with this sweet story. The characters are very human, enhanced by the coldness around them. The atmosphere is very good, similar to our time, with some differences: there is both vigilant and there are cars everywhere, unlike in this story, you have cars like trophies, never out of their homes, poor people having one.

I had never read anything by this author, but neither is having many novels published, at least in Castilian, but how to describe feelings, especially love, is overwhelming. Do not expatiates in scenes neither develops career is right on point.

It is a novel, despite being young (aged sixteen) I recommend it to everyone.

Curiously I add that this novel has sold the rights to a film version, production is still in its infancy.

My rating of delirium book pdf is 9 out of 10.

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