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Down the walls.

I’ll start by saying that I think the story in Requiem PDF book focused too much on the love triangle, and did not lack action but there was was not very astonishing.
Mostly I spent complaining about the attitudes of Lena regarding Julian [ a moment she loved him and the other not stand or bothered -.-], out of this remains a problem. Strong, determined [on everything but boys: p]. And courageous as we saw in the previous book
* Le sumo points to the author for being so genius creating beautiful male characters, and I do not just mean Julian and Alex;) *
I liked all part of Hana. Not just any zombie and I found Requiem  was happening, their insecurities, fears and how he cared for the family of Lena interesting.

delirium pdf download

And on the final’m without words. I did not hate Requiem PDF but I did not like. This is the open end that has bothered me that I read Requiem PDF. He saw that there were 4, 3, 2 pages and waited to tell something about what would happen thereafter. But nothing. It was very disappointing.

I liked Requiem PDF but did not love.

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